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Teaching each other how to teach our students...

The purpose of the Learning and Teaching Center is to support a culture of self-directed and collaborative professional development, assisting faculty and staff engagement in meaningful learning practices. The LTC is especially committed in furthering the college's strategic initiatives of excellence in teaching and learning. The LTC is also dedicated to enhancing a college climate that values diversity and global perspectives.

To achieve this, the LTC provides theoretical and practical learning support through programs, workshops, individual consultation, and other professional development activities.

As a result of participating in LTC offerings, faculty and staff will be empowered to consistently:

  • align course learning outcomes, learning activities, and learning assessment practices.
  • use data and research to make informed strategic learning and teaching choices.
  • engage in culturally responsive learning and teaching practices.
  • create student-centered, active learning environments.
  • help Highline students learn to be successful college students.


Community Reading Circles

Reading circles are organized around particular themes that provide opportunities to develop an appreciation for good books and shared experiences.

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Faculty Lending Library 

Pedagogy books are availiable for all faculty in the Lending Library located in Building 9, room 101. We are always looking for new titles.

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Resource Blog

The resource blog connects you with other faculty ideas and resources to assist you within the classroom.

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