Lectures (Carnegie Mellon Univ.)

Checklist for Effective Lecturing  (Stanford University Learning Commons)

Lecturing (Vanderbilt University – Center for Teaching)

What makes a good lecturer? Here are our top 20 Tips for New Lecturers (BBC Active)

7 Tips For Making Sure Your Lectures Aren’t Deadly (ProtoScholar)

Learning to Teach: 10 tips for Professors (McGill Univ.)

Eight Steps to Active Lecturing  (Learner Centered Teaching)


Books in the LTC Collection


The joy of teaching : a practical guide for new college instructors
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McKeachie's teaching tips : strategies, research, and theory for college and university teachers /
Svinicki, Marilla D.,  
Belmont, CA :Wadsworth, Cengage Learning,c2014.
Learning and Teaching Center     Call Number: 378.199S969m 2014 (see Chapter 3)

Teaching at its best : a research-based resource for college instructors /
Nilson, Linda Burzotta.  
San Francisco, CA :Jossey-Bass,c2016.
Learning and Teaching Center     Call Number: 378.125N712t 2016 (see Chapter 12)

Tools for teaching / 
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